Pub Theology

Good things happen when we sit down at the same table together and talk honestly about things that matter—and frankly, having a beer doesn’t hurt. We don’t need to agree on whatever it is that we discuss— that isn’t even the point. The point is that we are all stuck here together on this planet (for the unforeseeable future), and we might as well get to know each other while we’re here.
— Bryan Burgher

What is Pub Theology?

Put simply, Pub Theology is an opportunity to gather in a public space (a restaurant, pub, bar, etc.), around food and drinks, to discuss a wide range of topics relating to faith, spirituality, theology and daily life.

Why Pub Theology?


We are aware that many people have interests or questions relating to faith and spirituality but for one reason or another can’t see themselves spending time within the walls of a church.

The point of pub theology is to choose a non-threatening, neutral, location that allows for honest conversation without all the challenges that a traditional church setting might bring up. Also we can drink Beer.


Who attends Pub Theology?

This group is open to anyone and everyone. Whether you regularly attend worship, rarely attend worship, or don’t ever attend worship, there is a place in this group for you. 

Where is Pub Theology?

We meet as a group once a month at either Sly Fox Brewhouse or Bistro on Bridge. Please look below for our upcoming meeting information.

bistro on bridge.jpeg

When’s The Next One?

Our next gathering will be:
Monday, September 30, 2019

We will meet at Bistro on Bridge in Phoenixville.
Our topic for the evening will be: Faith v. Belief

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