A Note about... November

And as if God just snapped his fingers, Fall arrived with crisp temperatures, breezy days and glorious color. Thank you God! This past month's theme of Contentment reminds me:

I can look beyond the rain and the mud and be thankful for His holy presence in my life every moment of the day. Sunsets, sunrises and radiant fall foliage does not disappoint!

We have lots of church activities coming up and we hope you can attend. Little and Big kids alike are going to be learning the value of helping and working together. As parents, we are excellent models for our children to see these characteristics in action. While I'm sure you never fall short of opportunities to help and work with others, I have a few great opportunities coming up here at St. James that I would LOVE to have your participation! Check out the Current Events in Family Ministry!

Janet Hilsmiermessages, email